The company Micro Tech Soft has a wealth of experience in building enterprise portals, which are possible to solve the problem of interaction with staff, implementation of internal corporate policies, perform daily management and administrative functions, interactions with enterprise customers and partners.

From portals we create a common infrastructure in the enterprise with the necessary functionality. With this infrastructure, we can help your IT Department to control the user experience and reduce costs, and at the same time give business users the necessary tools for modern work in a comfortable and intuitive interface.

The experience and professionalism of the company Micro Tech Soft in the development and deployment websites and portals for the Internet, external and internal networks and other integrated solutions based on Microsoft technologies certified by Microsoft. Micro Tech Soft received confirmation of its competence in the area of Portals and Collaboration Partner Program of the corporation.


  • Business Analyst - Reporting, monitoring and visualization of large amounts of information. All of these technologies help to make the right decisions and increase business efficiency.
  • Teamwork - shared work spaces, portals, simultaneous co-edit documents, social networks that allow you to effectively interact within the team and with external users - customers, suppliers, partners.
  • Document management - technology management templates and forms, records, Web content, which facilitate the coordination of data and processes, provide a single repository of information.
  • Unified communications, which include e-mail, work calendars, instant messaging, presence indicator, the transmission of voice data over Internet Protocol IP (VoIP), audio and video conferencing over the Web.
  • Enterprise Search - search technologies that allow you very quickly find information from various sources within the organization.
  • Project Management, which includes control over all stages of projects - from performing schedules to control cash flow.


  • Economic efficiency
  • Improve the impact of each employee
  • Mobility of staff
  • Streamlining the flow of information and increase its value
  • Minimize risks to business

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