Business on the Internet is very laborious, but more profitable than offline due to a larger coverage area. But to such a business work, need the continued support of the Internet resource.

Let's take a look:

  1. Programmer: But rather two. Programmer will make the website as well as will monitor the website around the clock availability and produce fine work on the website, which will be permanent.
  2. Designer: Website template designer draws, as well as will as necessary to draw banners and buttons for your website.
  3. Copywriter: Need all the time. Copywriter's fills the necessary information contents, item card, writes news. In general, does so to the website look lively and interesting?
  4. Marketer: Required for the life of your business. You can, of course, and without it, if you have the time to develop marketing strategies and other necessary items to increase sales.
  5. Analyst: The same (can be combined with the marketer). In the Internet there are wonderful tools that collect data about user behavior on your website. This Google Analytics. Each tool has a lot of set up and helps to understand how and where it's visitors, what pages they visited, and what all did on the website and so on. On the basis of these data we can see the error on the website and quickly correct them in order to raise the conversion.
  6. Usability Specialist: Website usability is required to explore the shortcomings website in order to increase sales and make recommendations for improvements.
  7. Online Assistance: Can quickly respond to a user (for example, the material from which made a particular product, the shelf life of goods, etc), and to place your order. Do I need a consultant depends on the type of business. In most cases unnecessary.

We counted 7 people, without which Internet Commerce will not live long. But we can take your worries to yourself. Our staff have all the people you want. You just need to describe the problem in a letter, and we will solve it quickly. Will support your website at any stage of its existence. They will select programmers, designers, copywriters and other specialists.

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