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Cloud Computing

The Cloud Computing Service providing access to the infrastructure for the deployment...

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Local Area Network

Local Area Network (LAN) is an indispensable attribute of modern business processes. It allows you...

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Wireless LAN Wi-Fi

Wireless LAN Wi-Fi is a trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance. Wireless Fidelity accuracy can be translated...

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Virtual Private Area Network

Design and installation of wireless networks Wi-Fi is a complex engineering task in addressing...

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Content Management System

Micro Tech Soft offers its services in the field of outsourcing, support...

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Website Designing

Internet provides a great opportunity to get build and develop the business. Compulsory condition...

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Website Development

A website that works like it, in our opinion is the perfect formula for a website, and we will gladly...

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Web Application Development

Web Application Development is not just a creation of websites.

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Web Portals

The company Micro Tech Soft has a wealth of experience in building enterprise portals, which are possible to solve...

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Online Stores

Online store is the system of selling products online. With each passing day the number of online stores on the network grows...

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Media Portals

Today's media - is a complex and dynamic business, in which the key role is played not only the talent of its employees...

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Logo Designing

In the current situation of the market it is easy to get lost surrounded by the massive number of competitors. Survive can only stand...

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Software Development Consulting

Micro Tech Soft provides consulting services in the field of software architecture of enterprise information systems...

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Increased Conversion

Contextual and display advertising, website promotion search engine and other promotional activities are the key function to get success and to attract a huge...

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Promotion and Advertising

Micro Tech Soft is a corporation which provides professional services to optimize and promote websites, taking a reputable place in the rating...

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Mobile Application Development

Today the market for mobile applications is growing as never before quickly. People no longer have explicit boundaries...

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Android Development

Android Powered Devices are now the most popular smart phone models in the world market.

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Technical Support

Business on the Internet is very laborious, but more profitable than offline due to a larger coverage area. But to such a business work....

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Training Center

Training Centre Micro Tech Soft is a modern high-tech training centre that provides authorized training and certification...

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