The role of Search Engine Optimization Expert and Internet Marketing Specialist is one of the cutting-edge jobs in an extremely rewarding industry today.

Micro Tech Soft is exited to invite all of you for A SEO Seminar to increase the awareness of Search Engine Optimization, and will give you the necessary knowledge to increase the search engine prominence of your own website or client websites on the world’s most popular search engines and directories,   including Google,  Bing (Yahoo + MSN),  Yandex (Russian Search Engine),  Baidu (Chinese Search Engine) etc.
SEO Training Seminar

Seminar Location:

  • The Seminar will be started on Friday,   16th of May 2014 from 07:00PM to 09:00PM at Aptech Computer Education Center Bahawalpur.
  • To register for this SEO Semianar,   Please fill up the form below.

An Open Invitation for Search Engine Optimization Seminar

With the great help and courage of Mr.   Ijaz Ul Haq Bader (Director &   Business Partner) of Aptech Computer Education Center Bahawalpur,  Micro Tech Soft proudly announce an advanced Search Engine Optimization Seminar in Bahawalpur. This seminar is a good approach for Technical Web Developers and Marketing Managers who are concerned in learning more about SEO and necessitate fast pathway and knowledge of how to implement these good SEO Techniques on their own website projects and or client’s websites. Micro Tech Soft also reflect the broader aspects of Search Engine Optimization and look at where it should fit within your complete online search marketing strategies. This Search Engine Optimization Seminar clarifies you the foundations of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in order to get you started in considerate the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization,   and then moves on to the more comprehensive elements of SEO. Specific on-page and off-page factors will directly influence your website is ranking.

Please fill in this form for the registration of this seminar and we are exited to see you on this Friday,   16th of May 2014 from 07:00PM to 09:00PM.

For more informations and registration please call at (062) 2023035 and (062) 2886263

Or contact directly with Mr.   Waseem Durrani (Account Officer Aptech) at:

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